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Music Charts

*All TMN charts are compiled using reports from radio stations across regional Australian along with *AirCheck data representing all 52 commercial radio stations in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Gold Coast, the Central Coast and Newcaslte plus Sydney’s FBI and the national triple j network. Each stations chart weight is variable and measured by population figures and current cumulative audience figures.

Hot 100 Airplay Chart
The top 100 most ‘heard’ songs on Australian radio.

Format Chart
Charts by format according to the overall sound of a radio station.

Monitors the spots (advertising) and songs played on commercial radio (48 stations across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Gold Coast and Central Coast plus national broadcaster triple j and Sydney’s FBi 94.5)

AIR Charts (Australian Independent Record labels Association)
The AIR charts are a sales chart for Australian independent labels and musicians. Charts are compiled from physical and digital sales data, supplied by the Australian Recording Industry Association. For more info go to

ARIA Charts (Australian Recording Industry Association)
The ARIA Charts are compiled from sales from record stores throughout Australia by ARIA. For more info go

Current Hit Radio / Chart Hit Radio

Adult Contemporary

Contemporary Rock


7pm to Midnight

Across The Board

Music Director

Program Director

Assistant Program Director

Group Program Director

This Week’s position in TMN Hot 100 Airplay Chart

Last Week’s position in the TMN Hot 100 Airplay Chart

Time spent in the TMN Hot 100 Airplay Chart

Highest Position achieved in the TMN Hot 100 Airplay Chart

Metropolitan Radio Stations (eg. 2Day FM)

Provincial Radio Stations (population <100,000) (eg. Newcastle NXFM)

Regional Radio Stations (population >100,00) (eg. 2TM Tamworth)

Fast Mover
Singles that have made the most progression upwards on the chart in the past week

New Addition
A debut track appearing in the TMN Hot 100 Airplay Chart

DVD Charts

GFK Top 20 Sales
The top 20 DVD retail sales. (02) 9900 2835

GFK Blu-Ray 20 Sales
The Top 20 Blu-Ray retail sales. (02) 9900 2835

AVRRA Top 20 Rental
The weekly charts for DVD rental as supplied by AVRRA. Contributors are Civic Video, Leading Edge and Network Group. (02) 9960 0046

Top 15 Music DVD Chart
The weekly charts for Music DVD sales as supplied from ARIA. (02) 8569 1144

Radio & Music TV

Singles To Radio
Singles To Radio ranks and reviews the singles being taken to commercial radio in the following week.
*TMN select the top ten singles and rank them after taking into consideration their anticipated performance at radio and expected positioning & longevity on the TMN Hot 100 Airplay Chart.

Most Added
Most Added To Radio ranks the songs that have been added to the rotations of radio stations across the country in the previous week.

Singles To Alt Radio
Singles To Alt Radio ranks and reviews the singles being taken to alternative radio (triple J & community stations) in the following week.
*TMN select the top five singles and rank them after taking into consideration their anticipated performance at radio and expected positioning & longevity on the TMN Hot 100 Airplay Chart.

TV Active Most Added
The five most popular music videos added to national music television.

TV Active
Listings of all new music videos added to national music television as reported to TMN by the stations.

Radio network abbreviations

Australian Radio Network

Daily Mail Group

Southern Cross Media

Australian Broadcasting Authority

Other radio terms

Digital Audio Broadcasting

Frequency Modulation

Amplitude Modulation

Outside Broadcast

Top Of Hour

Time Spent Listening

Cumulative Audience

Radio programming divided into five sections Breakfast, Morning, Afternoon, Drive, Evening

Demonstration recording of an announcers talent

Voice Tracking
Pre-recording announcer shifts, to be played back during station automation 

Industry bodies & organisations

APRA (Australasian Performing Right Association)
APRA collects and distributes license fees for the public performance and communication of musical works on behalf of 60,000+ composer, songwriter and music publisher members in Australia and New Zealand. For more info go

AMCOS (Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society)
AMCOS collects and distributes mechanical royalties for the reproduction of musical works on behalf of 60,000+ composer, songwriter and music publisher members in Australia and New Zealand. For more info go to:

MIPI (Music Industry Piracy Investigations)
Music Industry Piracy Investigations (MIPI) is an organisation that conducts investigative, preventative and educational activities in relation to music piracy in Australia. For more info go to:

PPCA (Phonographic Performance Company Of Australia)
The PPCA are a national, non-government, non-profit organisation representing the interests of record labels (licensors) and Australian recording artists. They grant licenses for the broadcast, communication or public playing of recorded music (e.g. CDs, tapes, records) or music videos. They then distribute the license fees collected to the record labels and Australian recording artists registered as their members, under a Distribution Policy. For more info go

AMRAP (Australian Music Radio Airplay Project)
The Australian Music Radio Airplay Project is a community radio initiative that works with musicians and community broadcasters to get great Australian music national airplay, faster. Amrap offers services for signed and unsigned Australian artists, major and independent record labels and all community radio stations around Australia. For more info go to:

AirIT is community radio’s exclusive catalogue of Australian music. Community radio broadcasters and station personnel register with AirIT, log in, preview tracks in full and order music for airplay. AirIT contains Australian music from major and independent record labels and unsigned artists. For more info go to:

MCA (The Music Council of Australia)
The Music Council of Australia (MCA) provides information, and organises research, advocacy and projects to advance music and musical life in Australia and the world. For more info go to:

CRA (Commercial Radio Australia)
Commercial Radio Australia Ltd is the national industry body representing Australia’s commercial radio broadcasters, specialising in areas such as industrial relations, human resources, marketing, industry event management, industry regulation, advertising advice, audience surveys and research and digital radio. Membership is open to Australian companies that hold a section 36 or section 39 commercial radio broadcasting service license that entitles them to provide radio services in the broadcasting services bands. For more info go to

CBAA (Community Broadcasting Association Of Australia)
The Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) is the national peak body for community radio and television stations in Australia. The CBAA is responsible for sector advocacy and representation, providing services and benefits to our 270+ members and managing sector-wide projects. For more info go to

AFTRS (Australian Film Television & Radio School)
AFTRS is Australia’s national screen arts and broadcast school and has been delivering advanced training for the film, television and radio industries for over 30 years. For more info go to

ACMA (Australian Communication and media Authority)
ACMA is a statutory authority within the federal government portfolio of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy. The ACMA is responsible for the regulation of broadcasting, the Internet, radiocommunications and telecommunications. For more info go to

AMPAL (Australasian Music Publishers Association)
AMPAL work on behalf of Australian and New Zealand music publishers promoting a better understanding of the value of music; both culturally and economically. Their publisher members invest in songwriters across all genres of music, nurturing talent, promoting the works of the writers and finding avenues for their work to be heard. For more info go

Q Music
Q Music is Queensland’s music industry development association, and is focused on promoting the artistic value, cultural worth and commercial potential of Queensland music. For more info go to

Music SA
MusicSA is a non-profit, government-funded organisation. Launched in July 2003 with the support of Arts SA, it is the only complete SA website designed for, and by, the music industry. Their mission is to be driven by those who need it most: artists, venues, audiences and others in the many support areas of SA music. For more info go

MusicNSW is a not for profit Industry association set up to represent, promote and develop the contemporary music industry in New South Wales, in addition to managing a number of music development projects. They exist to support the creative and economic expansion of the NSW contemporary music industry through advocacy, resource assistance, activating growth of industry infrastructure, delivery of tailored initiatives and provision of advice and referrals. For more info go to

The West Australian Music Industry Association Inc. (WAM) exists to develop the contemporary music industry in Western Australia. WAM is non-profit membership based association and the peak representative body for contemporary music in WA. For more info go to

Music Victoria
Music Victoria is the contemporary music industry peak body for Victoria, supporting the growth, participation and development of the Victorian music industry. For more info go to

Indent (a project of MusicNSW) works directly with young people to empower them and help raise awareness of their needs, connecting them with support organisations in their community, providing opportunities, training and valuable experience and involving them in a range of tasks such as booking venues, liaising with police, managing security, organising public liability insurance, advertising and promotion. For more info go to

VROOM is a practical and accessible tool designed to help NSW musicians, promoters, agents, artist managers and venues present live and original contemporary music. For more info go to