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This is a song which seemingly came out of nowhere, and has swept us at triple j (and our listeners) into a flurry of excitement. ZHU (pronounced “Zoo”) is a relatively new and anonymous producer out of LA (or maybe San Francisco?) who dropped this beast of a track on his Soundcloud page less than two weeks ago, which has since clocked up close to 200,000 spins.

Faded is a deep, dark house number with italo-disco elements and haunting vocals, that quickly earworms its way into your subconscious until it takes over your stereo.

It follows up an earlier track of his/hers/theirs called Superfriends, and a great cover of Outkast, Moves Like Ms Jackson – all following the deep house vibe of Faded.

With fans all over the world rapidly growing in such a short span of time (we’re talking less than two months here, people), including big guns like Pete Tong, it’s hard not to predict huge things for ZHU in 2014.




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